Marigay McKee

CEO & Founder, MM Luxe Consulting

Marigay McKee

Marigay McKee is a multi-experienced individual who has been a retail merchant for over 20 years, with sound experience in buying, merchandising, organizational planning, strategy and commercial business development.

She is an international mover who has experience with both the European and US markets, and operates at the highest level in luxury retail.

She has a reputation as a world-class leader in the fashion and beauty world, with an accessible and disarming style of management. Marigay joined Harrods in 1999 as a Senior Beauty Buyer and worked her way up via GMM Roles and Fashion Director roles to become the stores' Chief Merchant, a role she enjoyed for five years.

Marigay was appointed by the Saks Fifth Avenue group HBC, to lead the re-invention of the iconic American department store chain in 2013, as the President of SAKS. She spent the following year and a half developing new branding, introducing new concepts and brands, and developing a new marketing and creative plan for the SAKs brand.

In the summer of 2015, Marigay founded MM Luxe Consulting -- a niche consulting agency in Manhattan, specializing in strategic retail development, and creative partnerships for commercial brands, working also with private equity funds. MM Luxe helps to restructure and reposition existing brands to have greater relevance to today's consumer and retail dynamic -- focusing on experience, environment and emotional engagement concepts.

MM Luxe Consulting has a variety of clients including, the Related Industries Real Estate Group, where she is the Strategic Retail Advisor (Hudson Yards Projects in NYC and Silicon Valley Project in Santa Clara), Financo, American Express, Value Retail and Related Industries (Equinox and SoulCycle), among others in the fashion and luxury industries, from niche brands to established brands, where she works on a project by project basis.

The firm does due diligence for several PE and venture capital firms who are in the process of M&A activity. As a result of this aspect of the business, she set up a niche investment fund in late 2016 with a financial partner (Bill Detwiler), to sit alongside her MM Luxe consulting firm, called Fernbrook. Fernbrook's aim is to provide seed/startup brands with capital and advisory services for new lifestyle, retail, and tech expansion concepts. They are also working on a global business development strategy for their niche investments, within the Fernbrook Convergence fund, where she is a Managing Partner.

Marigay was an early investor in Glamsquad and Violet Grey in the beauty space and Needle & Thread in the fashion space. She is today expanding her portfolio through her Fernbrook fund and recently invested in Ember, Countable, Wright, Universal Standard, Kano, and Knot Standard, all in the consumer/tech/lifestyle space.

Marigay is a member of the British Fashion Council, was the Chairman of the BFC/Vogue Fund mentoring committee for several years, and is a current CFDA Retail Advisor in NYC, as well as a regular speaker at many national and international conferences (FT Luxury Conference, NYT Conference and WWD Conference).

Marigay sits on the board of The Shed (the largest cultural start up globally, opening March 2019 for the arts, media and dance) and is on The Center LGBT board committee in NYC, both non-profits based in Manhattan.

Marigay resides in New York City with her partner, has two college aged children and travels around the globe for clients and partnerships alike. Seeking out what's next, what's new in retail, who will be the brands of the next generation, and how the retail landscape is changing.